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For a limited time we have a temporary special. The cost of our Home Study training is:
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Our goal is to provide you with practical Live Blood Analysis Training to help you enter into the exciting world of natural health or to complement your existing training. We believe we have the solution to the high costs associated with Live and Dry Blood Analysis training programs you are required to travel to. 
Our economically priced training system is in a PDF format and it eliminates the cost of hotels, meals and travel normally associated with seminars and workshops. These techniques are used very successfully in our own practice and we always have a waiting list for appointments.  Our success speaks for itself as our best advertisements are word of mouth.  We no longer require local ads to grow our business as there is a 2 week - 3 month wait for available appointments.
This training program will provide foundational tools and knowledge to help you identify the blood and its components.  Our training will provide you with the knowledge to enhance or begin your exciting career in Natural Health.  We have generalized the technical terminology to make it an easy to learn format for all.
At the completion of our training you will have a working knowledge of the blood and it components and will be able to combine the live and dry indicators into a complete analysis.  As a result you will be able to assist people in their quest for wellness with nutritional product options.
 Contact us HERE for any questions you may have prior to purchasing any of our products.
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